About SchoolWorks

SchoolWorks is a coalition of churches, dedicated to enriching our community by serving public schools. Our goal is to make a difference in our neighborhoods by showing the love of Jesus in practical ways.

Can a church make a difference in the community? If your church were to disappear, would anyone miss you? How can we reach out to make a difference?
“Why should churches get involved in serving our public schools? If we, as the Body of Christ, have any desire to see our communities transformed by the love of Christ, we must acknowledge that public schools are a vital component in achieving such a transformation. Our public schools are the very “hub” of our communities.

Contrary to popular beliefs (and somewhat fueled by the controversies surrounding the separation of church and state), public schools are often willing and desirous to receive volunteers and encouragement from Christians and churches. The main reason is that their needs are so tremendous.”

Needs and opportunities to serve vary from school to school. New serving relationships may easily develop if the Church simply asks our public schools the question, ‘How can we serve you?’”

There are critical needs at each age level (elementary, middle, and high school).
“One of the most strategic groups to focus on is elementary school aged children. It is at the youngest ages that students need to learn skills and be encouraged so that they can discover success as they move into middle and high school. If students don’t learn to read by third grade, then they may never catch up or move forward.”

During the middle school years, kids are making decisions and attitudes toward school and toward authority that will determine the direction of their lives. Providing mentors who can give sound advice and wisdom and a caring heart can help students see the possibilities of making wise choices, even when peers may be pulling them in other directions.

For more information, email Lindsay Hamilton at lindsay.hamilton@schoolworksdfw.org.